Big Junction Jam 2011

I am back to blogging after a hiatus of nearly a year. I recently went to the Big Junction Jam festival after reading about on NH7. (NH7 is a fantastic site if you like indie music and is a great place to find the latest gigs.)

Big Junction Jam was a good fest with more than 25 bands playing from morning to late night. The list of bands that played on Day 1 included Evergreen, Old School Rebels, Bourbon Street, Joos, Mad Orange Fireworks, Black Sun, Indian Blues, Khalihann, Pralayh, Live Banned, Indigraffiti, Paradigm Shift, Bridge, Agam, Parvaaz and Beat Gurus. The list of bands that played on Day 2 were Dark Desolation, Amethyst, The Renegades, Verses, Corrode, Mechanix, Audi-o-file, Heretic, Jekyll and Hyde, Brahmm, Flee, Chronic Blues Circus, Blakc, Kryptos, Ministry of Blues, Sulk Station and DJ Vishnu.
There were several good and talented bands and the light and sound system was fabulous. Unfortunately the event was not very well marketed and attendance was thin. On the flipside, that was good as few photographers including me got stage access and could get good photos in the brilliant lighting. In this gig, I experimented a lot with the square format, B&W post processing and triptychs. Below are few samples of the three formats. Click on the photos to make them bigger. You can see the complete set on flickr at Big Junction Jam Festival 2011 slideshow.

Horizontal Triptychs

Beat Gurus Triptych
Parwaaz Triptych (Alternative)

Vertical Triptychs

Ministry of Blues Triptych


Old School Rebels (Band) Beautiful Guitar - Corrode (Band)
Jekyll and Hyde (Band) Heretic (Band)

Square Format

Square format is fairly uncommon in photography but in this cases it looked apt like CD covers.

The En'Light'ened One - Parwaaz (Band) Dark Desolation (Band)
Amethyst (Band) Ministry of Blues (Band)
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